Quick Connector

It can realize quick connection and disconnection between various devices without leakage, improve efficiency, and reduce unnecessary workload caused by liquid drainage and injection.

  • Customized Solutions Available
  • Non-leak Fluid
  • Excellent Sealing
  • High Tightness

Mechanical life>1000 cycles of insertion and removal (with pressure less than 0.3MPa)

Material AL6061-T6

Surface treatment method Hard anodizing

Working temperature -40℃~+90℃

Working environment temperature -55℃~175℃ (non-freezing)

Medium Ethylene glycol aqueous solution (0~50% concentration), pure water + corrosion inhibitor

Maximum working flow 94.2 L/min

Working pressure ≤1.6MPa

With press-in pressure ≤0.3MPa

Leakage of plugging and unplugging-single pressurized (0.3MPa) ≤0.09ml

Maximum insertion force ≤160N

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