One of the traditional Qe Data Centre Cooling products, is the Qe CRAC-CW (Chilled Water) precision cooling unit. This energy efficient product offers close control cooling and the ability to facilitate an ultra-clean environment. It forms part of a larger chilled water cooling system where chillers and dry coolers provide the cooling capacity to the Qe CRAC-CW units.

High Energy Efficiency

  • The EVO intelligent controller ensures optimum cooling efficiency and control. The large colour touch screen display with intuitive graphics provides intelligent control at the fingertip
  • Efficient EC fan, providing optimum airflow adjustment, optional EC fan under floor design

High Adaptability

  • Air discharge choices include down flow, up flow
    • Customized design available
      • Can work with other Qe CRAC unit types in Teamwork Control mode
    • Intelligent precise control function for constant temperature and humidity
    • Designed for the continuous 365 x 24 operation under full range of climate conditions
  • Long lifetime design with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Large airflow supply with high SHR and low power consumption
  • Ultra-wide input power adaptability, optional automatic re-start and delayed start up function
  • Remote monitoring and control through dry contact or RS485 communication interface with open protocol
  • Menu-based large LCD display with multi-level password protection function
  • Standby (master/slave) mode and rotating duty mode available
  • Self-diagnosis function, various system diagnosis, alarm, and protection functions


  • Transfer switch for Dual Power Input
  • Wired temperature/humidity sensors realise the precise matching of cooling capacity and heat load
  • Condensate water pump where gravity pipe runs to drains are not possible

Model Sizes (kW):

  • 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200

Air Flow Orientations:

  • Up Flow
  • Down Flow

Air Flow Volume Range:

  • 12,200 to 41,400 m3/h

Water Flow Rate:

  • 7.2 to 36 m3/h


  • Height (mm) 1975 – 1975
  • Width (mm) 850 – 2550
  • Depth (mm) 1000 – 1000
  • Weight (kg) 270 – 880

EVO intelligent controller

  • 7-inch, 800×480 dot matrix true color touch screen
  • Temperature and humidity curves
  • Graphical display of device running status
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Able to connect multiple temperature & humidity sensors and detect the temperature & humidity of the inlet/outlet air of racks
  • Control mode selected according to the rack cooling demand, precise air supply to realize energy saving
  • RS485 interface as standard
  • Optional SNMP and TCP/IP interface
  • Multiple history alarms, expanded storage of history alarms is provided
  • The running data stored every 60 seconds into a rolling log.
  • The relevant data can be read directly via Building Management Systems
  • Team Work Function to group multiple units easily
  • Selective area temperature control
  • Shared temperature and humidity setting
  • Team work mode: demand management, trend management, rotation and standby (lead/lag), realising adaptive energy saving

EC fan

  • Saving 20%~30% energy compared to traditional AC motor
  • Soft-startup function, low startup current
  • Adjust rotary speed automatically according to cooling requirements and airflow pressure, and provide airflow as required
  • N+1 redundant configuration of fans, ensure the airflow in case of any fan fault
  • Easy-maintenance design


  • Transfer switch for Dual Power Input
  • Wired temperature/humidity sensors Realize the precise matching of cooling capacity and heat load
  • Condensate water pump
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