Qe XRow-CW Unit

Qe XRow™ is an adaptive row-based cooling system that can be placed close to the IT heat loads. It is ideal for racks with high density IT heat loads deployed in data centres.

Qe XRow™ benefits from using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) the computations are adopted in the system design, that helps optimise the airflow distribution within the units and racks.

The electronically commutated Fans can adapt to the quick temperature changes of the server, thus reducing the start/stop frequency of the chillers, therefore improving the system stability.

The advanced EVO controller can control the airflow and cooling capacity output as required and can provide optimum cooling effect at the lowest energy consumption.

  • Evo Control System
  • Electronically Commutated Compressor
  • EC Fan
  • Electronic Expansion Valve


  • GPRS SMS alarm
    • Wired temperature/humidity sensors
    • Three-way water valve
    • Background monitor software


  • High heat density data centre
  • Modularized data centre
  • Container data centre


  • Achieve maximum space for servers
  • Built-in rack monitoring unit
  • Double-layer tempered glass door
  • Row-based cooling unit has fully closed inner loop
  • Dustproof, low noise & high efficiency
  • Easy to be relocated

Models: XR9020C & XR9060C

  • Cooling Capacity (kW): 24 – 69.3
  • Airflow Volume Range (m³/h): 4500 – 11000
  • Dimensions:
    • Height (mm): 2000
    • Width (mm): 300 – 600
    • Depth (mm): 1200

EVO intelligent controller

  • Graphic display, including the running status and the temperature/humidity of the inlet/outlet air
  • Advanced teamwork function, up to 32 units and easy to set network
  •  Standard RS485 port, optional SNMP, TCP/IP interfaces, and GPRS with SMS
  • Standard communication protocol, optional customized specifications

EC fan

  • Saving 20%~30% energy compared to traditional AC motor
  • Soft-startup function, low startup current
  • Adjust rotary speed automatically according to cooling requirements and airflow pressure, and provide airflow as required
  • N+1 redundant configuration of fans, ensure the airflow in case of any fan fault
  • Easy-maintenance design

Inverter Drive Compressors

  • R410A
  • Compressor speed is infinitely variable according to the heat load
  • Energy saving under partial-load mode, improving energy efficiency
  • Significantly reduce the start/stop frequency of the compressor
  • Improve the system reliability

Electronic Expansion Valve

  • Adjust the throttle of valve smoothly and combine with the EC compressor to save the energy
  • Wide range of operations, which can help reduce the superheat degree and improve the EER
  • Realize the precise matching of cooling capacity and heat load
  • Quick response, realize the precise cooling

Condenser – FE2Owlet Axil Fan Technology

  • Frequency conversion control, high efficiency and energy saving
  • FE2Owlet axil fan, low noise characteristics
  • Stainless steel connector and marine grade corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Single/dual refrigeration circuit design, achieve centralized condensation solution


  • Transfer switch for Dual Power Input
  • Baffles
  • Low-temperature start-up kits
  • Condenser water pump
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