Qe XRow-CDU Unit

Qe XRow™ is an adaptive row-based cooling system that can be placed close to the IT heat loads. It is ideal for racks with high density IT heat loads deployed in data centres.

The XRow™ CDU (Chilled Water Distribution Unit) provides localised pumped chilled water loops through a heat exchanger in the CDU. The Qe XRow™ CDU achieves a standard connection between the main chiller via the chilled water pipe network, providing an even flow rate to each CDU. Each rack cooling coil is individually valved to allow connection and disconnection flexibility.

The Qe XRow™ CDU series are easy to operate, easy to maintain, standard rack size design and flexible installation allows for the install to be close to the racks with high density IT heat loads.

Chilled Water Distribution

  • Infrared water leak detector enables higher reliability
  • Each inlet & outlet water pipe has separate ball valve, to control chilled water supply for each chilled water unit. The quantity of pipe can be customised based on actual demand
  • Insulated inlet and outlet water pipe to prevent condensation

Evo Control System

  • Graphic display, including the running status and the temperature/humidity of the inlet/outlet air
  • Advanced teamwork function, up to 32 units and easy to set network
  • Standard RS485 port, optional SNMP, TCP/IP interfaces, and GPRS with SMS
  • Standard communication protocol, optional customized specifications


  • Wired temperature/humidity sensors
  • Three-way water valve
  • Background monitor software


  • High heat density data centre
  • Modularized data centre
  • Container data centre

Models: CDU120, CDU180, CDU240, CDU300 & CDU360

  • Cooling Capacity (kW): 120 – 360
  • Dimensions:
    • Height (mm): 2000
    • Width (mm): 600 – 750
    • Depth (mm): 1000
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