3kW Door Mounted Integrated Cooling

MC series door mounted air conditioner is a temperature control product developed for outdoor power substations where heat dissipation is required. It is used to provide a suitable temperature and humidity environment inside the power station to ensure the service life of the equipment in the power station. This product has complete functions, high reliability, simple and convenient installation, and can work after power-on without complicated debugging.

  • LCD Menu Display
  • IP55 Protection
  • High reliability, non-stop for 10 years
  • Professional dehumidifying design, control relative humidity
  • RS485 interface with MODBUS protocol
  • R134a refrigerant, compliance with RoHS

Power supply (phase, V, Hz) 1~, 220V, 50/60Hz

Airflow path Upper outlet, bottom return

Dimension (mm, HxWxD) 1300×500×250

Cooling capacity (kW) L35/L35 3kW

Heating capacity (kW) Tu=10℃ 2

Rated power consumption L35/L35 1.1

Working ambient temperature range -20℃ ~ 55℃

IP protection level IP55

Weight (kg) 66

Internal airflow (m³/h) 700

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