10kW Air Cooled Chiller

EMW series air cooled chiller is a cooling product developed for energy storage battery heat dissipation and other application environments. It is suitable for applications where the internal battery of the energy storage container generates a large amount of heat and the internal equipment is sensitive to the ambient temperature. This product has complete functions, integrated host computer communication, alarm and other functions, high reliability, simple and convenient installation, without complicated debugging.

  • Energy Saving
Inverter compressor and pump
  • Certificate


  • Reliability
    Life time 10 years+
  • Mounting Method
Door Mounted

Power supply 3N~, 480V, 60Hz

Dimension (mm, HxWxD) 1700×750×350

Cooling Capacity 10kW@W20/L45

Water flow (L/min) 72@80kPa

Heating capacity (kW) 2

Refrigerating medium 50% Ethylene glycol Solution

Working ambient temperature range -30℃ ~ +55℃

Weight (kg) 180

IP protection level IP55

Mounting method Door Mounted

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