Qe Medium Static Pressure Duct Model

The diverse range of Qe VRF indoor terminal units, offer flexibility to match all architectural and internal design requirements and finishes. Ideal for commercial building refits and new build projects having an extensive range in physical sizes and capacities.

The Medium Static Pressure Duct model ranges between 2.2kW to 16kW.

  • Precise cooling or heating temperature control 0.5oC increments.
  • A wide range of control over airflow volume and direction.
  • A good level of filtration with dirty filter indicator to keep the internal air quality as clean as possible.
  • Quiet operation at low speed down to 22dB(A) on the one-way cassette.
  • Easy installation.
  • This model is available in both DC and AC series.
  • Quiet Operation.
  • 0.5oC / 1oC setting temperature adjustment.
  • Digital display on/off.
  • Buzzer sound on/off.
  • Air Filter (G3 class for both DC and AC series).
  • Innovative puro-air kit.
  • Fresh Air Intake.
  • Dirty filters indicator signal.
  • Adjustable ESP (10 steps available for DC series ONLY).
  • Multiple fan speeds, (7 + auto for DC series, 3 + auto for AC series).
  • Compact Design.
  • Stylish air discharge panel (17-71 for both DC and AC series).
  • Flexible air inlet port installation.
  • High lift drain pump (Rated Head 1200mm, Raised height 750mm).
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