Qe EBC Ceiling Cassette

The Qe EBC cooling and heating cassette, provides a stand alone system, providing precise localised room temperature control. This is the ideal solution where air sterilisation and air purification is essential such as in offices, hotels, hospitals and classrooms.

  • Room Temperature Control
  • Uniform 360 degree Air Supply
  • R410A Refrigerant Based Cassette Unit
  • Fresh Air and Refrigerated Cooled Air
  • Heat Recovery or Heat Delivery to maintain set enviroment all year round.
  • Monitors internal CO2 and O2 levels to minimise CO2 levels and maintain O2 at 21%
  • Four Levels of Air Purification filteration
    • Primary Filter
    • G4 Filter
    • HEPA Filter (Medical Grade)
    • Anion Filteration
  • Ultraviolet Photocatalyst Sterilisation

Model Sizes (kW):

  • Single Circuit – 9 and 15 kW

Air Flow Orientations:

  • Down Flow Ceiling Cassette

Air Flow Volume Range:

  • 1200 to 2000 m3/h


  • Height (mm) 450
  • Width (mm) 850
  • Depth (mm) 850
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