Qe Puro Air Kit

The Puro Air kit can effectively remove bacteria, viruses, and odours from indoor air to provide a healthy and safe environment. Its innovative design also prevents UV damage to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.

  • First global tick-mark certification of purification AC products
  • 2 models, power range from 60W to 120W
  • 2 UV lamps and 4 UV lamps are options
  • Application air flow rate of 2 UV lamps model can be up to 2600 m3/h
  • Application air flow rate of 4 UV lamps model can be up to 4300 m3/h
  • UVGI high efficient
  • Innovative structural design
  • Higher safety, ozone-free and UK leakage-free
  • Flexibility Control
  • Higher Reliability
  • Higher killing rate for viruses and bacteria, 99.9% killing rate of Staphylococcus albus in 10 minutes, 99.9% killing rate of H1N1 and 98% killing rate of natural bacteria in 30 minutes
Model Description Key component Box size Air flow (m3/h)
HFB1-P-U02 UV Health Function Box 2 x UV lamp, 230V, 30W BOXI 2600
HFB1-P-U04 UV Health Function Box 4 x UV lamp, 230V, 30W BOXI 4300


Model Box dimensions WxHxD (mm) Air flow (m3/h) Air velocity (m/s) Pressure loss (Pa)
HFB1 Puro-Air 1120x418x420 4000 2.44 65
3500 2.13 50
3000 1.86 40
2500 1.52 30
2000 1.19 20
1500 0.94 12
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