Qe Container External AC Units

Qe provide a range of AC powered air conditioning units for external containers in sizes from 3 kW to 5 kW. These units are ideal for remote sites with good utility supply and standby generator availability and provide a stable precise cooling solution.

  • Energy saving: Unique external fan control function available for energy – saving as well as emergency working mode.
  • Low noise: The noise level of unit is reduced according to the heat load, silently operating in most time.
  • Corrosion protection: Powder coated sheetmetal endures harsh environment
  • Easy maintenance: IP55 designed for flushing.
  • Power grid adaptability: 50/60Hz AC powered compressor can be used in any country.
  • User friendly interface: LCD display with English menu makes convenient operation.
  • Environment friendly: Using R134a refrigerant and RoHS requirement compliance.
  • Dedicated design: Delay Start setting in case of big current, especially when multiple units start at one site.
  • Monitoring: Provide comprehensive alarm and status report through RS485 interface for remote control.

Model Sizes (kW):

  • Single Circuit – 12.5 kW

IP Rating:

  • IP20 Wall Mounted and Floor Type IP55

Refrigerant Gas type:

  • HFC R-410a

Air Flow Volume Range:

  • 2800 to 2900 m3/h


  • Height (mm) 1850 to 2100
  • Width (mm) 800
  • Depth (mm) 650 to 873
  • Weight (kg) 230 to 245
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