Qe Combo Aircon

Qe provide a range of DC powered air conditioning units for external telecommunication equipment cabinets in sizes from 1 kW to 3 kW. These units are ideal for remote sites with unstable utility supply and no standby generator, where the standby power is supplied by DC batteries to cover breaks in utility supply. These units provide a stable precise cooling solution.

  • Reliable: Air conditioner and thermosiphon system as backup heat dissipation function
  • Energy saving: Different cooling mode for varied ambient, reducing the energy consumption
  • Low noise: The noise level of unit can be reduced according to the heat load, silently operating in most time
  • Corrosion protection: Powder coated sheetmetal endures harsh environment
  • Easy maintenance: IP55 designed for flushing
  • DC powered fan & control system, AC compressor 50/60Hz general, applicable to global power
  • User friendly interface: LCD display with English menu makes convenient operation
  • Environment friendly: Using R134a refrigerant and RoHS requirement compliance
  • Dedicated design: Delay Start setting in case of big current, especially when multiple units start at one site
  • Monitoring: Provide comprehensive alarm and status report through RS485 interface for remote control

Model Sizes (kW):

  • Single Circuit – 1 kW to 3 kW

IP Rating:

  • IP55

Refrigerant Gas type:

  • HFC R-134a

Air Flow Volume Range:

  • 400 to 850 m3/h


  • Height (mm) 945
  • Width (mm) 505
  • Depth (mm) 200 to 350
  • Weight (kg) 41 to 70
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