Qe FAU-050

The Qe Fresh Air Unit (FAU-050) , part of our Qe Telecom Site cooling range, is the ultimate energy saving cooling unit. It unlocks the potential to reduce your energy consumption to its minimum throughout the summer months by utilising direct adiabatic cooling to reduce the incoming fresh air temperature. The modular design concept provides ultimate flexibility and scalability to meet a wide range of free displacement cooling design requirements.


  • The EVO intelligent controller ensures optimum cooling efficiency and control. Large colour touch screen display with intuitive graphics provide intelligent control at the fingertip.
  • Precise airflow and temperature control
  • Efficient EC fan, providing optimum airflow adjustment to precisely meet the heat load displacement rate
  • Simplistic design and components facilitating easy servicing and repair
  • A green alternative facilitating an option to reduce refrigeration gas ownership and the rigors of F-Gas regulation changes


  • Air discharge is down flow
  • Heat displacement methodology
  • Integrated control between the FAU and its remote extract fan for efficient displacement airflow
  • Designed for the continuous 365 x 24 operation under full range of climate conditions.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Remote monitoring and control through dry contact or RS485 communication interface with open protocol
  • Menu-based large LCD display with multi-level password protection function
  • Self-diagnosis function, various system diagnosis, alarm, and protection functions.

Model Size (kW):

  • 33.64 kW (Averaged across 23 temperature and humidity points)

Input Voltage:

  • 230 V

Input Current:

  • 5.8 A

Maximum Input Power (kW):

  • 1.3 kW

Air Flow Orientation:

  • Down Flow

Air Flow Volume Range:

  • 5,000 m3/h


  • Height (mm) 1350
  • Width (mm) 890
  • Depth (mm) 600
  • Weight (kg) 110

EVO intelligent controller

  • 7-inch, 800×480 dot matrix true color touch screen.
  • Temperature and humidity curves.
  • Graphical display of device running status.
  • Multi-level password protection.
  • Able to connect multiple temperatures & humidity sensors and detect the temperature & humidity of the inlet/outlet air of racks.
  • Control mode selected according to the rack cooling demand, the precise air supply to realize energy saving.
  • RS485 interface as standard.
  • Optional SNMP and TCP/IP interface.
  • Multiple history alarms, expanded storage of history alarms is provided.
  • The running data stored every 60 seconds into a rolling log.
  • The relevant data can be read directly via Building Management Systems.
  • Team Work Function to group multiple units easily.
  • Selective area temperature control.
  • Shared temperature and humidity setting.
  • Teamwork mode: demand management, trend management, rotation and standby (lead/lag), realising adaptive energy saving.

EC fan

  • Saving 20%~30% energy compared to traditional AC motor.
  • Soft-startup function, low startup current.
  • Adjust rotary speed automatically according to cooling requirements and airflow pressure, and provide airflow as required.
  • N+1 redundant configuration of fans, ensure the airflow in case of any fan fault.
  • Easy-maintenance design.

Extract Fan

  • EC Axil Fan, high efficiency and energy saving
  • ZN050 axil fan, low noise characteristics
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