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Stepping Up For A Good Cause

17th October 2023

Our month-long Charity drive for Foothold

As our month-long charity drive comes to an end, we are so happy about the journey we’ve embarked on together. Over the past weeks, we’ve not only clocked an impressive 6,807,801 steps – equivalent to 3,676 miles – but we’ve also collectively made an impact in support Foothold a charity that supports engineers.

Our Step Challenge began with an idea to encourage physical activity among our colleagues while raising funds and awareness for Foothold. We’ve seen our colleagues embrace the challenge with enthusiasm and dedication.

But this challenge was never just about counting steps, it was about making a real impact on the lives of those in need. With every step we took, we were not only improving our own health but also contributing to something greater than ourselves.

As the Step Challenge ends, we’re thrilled to announce that we raised over £400 for Foothold.

We look forward to more opportunities to come together as a team and support causes that matter.