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Qe and COVID-19

26th January 2021

At Qe Solutions we are working with our clients and customers to keep our people and the general public safe by limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Qe Solutions play a vital role in keeping the UK connected, with our cooling technology maintaining critical infrastructures, which support many businesses and homes throughout the UK. This is why many of our roles have been given ‘key worker’ status by the Government.  

The safety of our people and the public remains our priority. We will continue to monitor and follow Government advice and guidelines.


Why are your staff out working when the UK has COVID-19 restrictions?

Since the majority of the country are now working from home, maintaining networks and critical infrastructure is crucial to the country’s economic survival.

Do your staff have official permission to be working?

Yes, we have an official letter from our client, demonstrating that our staff are ‘Critical Workers’, as endorsed by the Government’s current guidelines and prescriptions.

How is it safe for your staff to be working?

All Government guidelines have been strictly applied. We follow best practice regarding Social Distancing, adequate Personal Protective Equipment, hand sanitation and personal hygiene.

Have your staff here today been tested for COVID-19?

No. None of our staff working on site today have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19. We operate a strict self- isolation policy for any of our staff who report any symptoms.

What happens if your staff develop symptoms or become sick whilst carrying out the work?

We have contingency staff on standby, who can complete the work.